Go-Technic is a small company based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. They strive to build a growing community on the do-it-yourself side or at home electronics. Go-Technic shares our Arduino Simulator with the world.  They sell great Arduino components and courses especially for you. 

Go-technic wants to open a hackerspace in Ann Arbor for all students and people who wants to design and create something. They sell great stuff that I have already tested some stuff, later this year  we will publish a review video about the electronics.


Novem is designed, owned and created by Damian Van de Kauter. Damian is 20 years old and is a good friend of mine that I met at school. He learned himself Objective-C in Xcode and created beautiful programs and apps for iOS and macOS. The design of my Xevro logo is also designed by him.


He recently released a new app called Peral. You can add your customer cards and your accounts all in one place. Check out his Facebook page, give him a like and follow his work. He also released his new website!

Novem Logo

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