Cappi Capture



  • Take full screen, selection or current screenshots
  • Save on clipboard or custom file
  • Edit pictures with the Cappi Editor
  • Record screen to a high range of 60fps
  • Play videos on Vlc, Windows Mediaplayer or Quicktime player in avi or MP4 format
  • All the features are connect to a hotkey (ctrl+...)
  • Record webcam to a high range of 60fps
  • Take automatic snapshots on your webcam with motion detection
  • Use Cappi as tray in the Windows Menubar
  • Use a wide range of tools to edit the picture


More detail about functions read the user manual

Cappi Capture
Cappi Screen recorder
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Cappi Webcam

Cappi Capture



Low budget screen capture

software and screen recorder

Cappi Capture Logo

Compatible with Windows© 7 and higher

Get Xevro's brand new low budget capture software

Requires Java 7 or higher!

Try it free and explore the Cappi features no credit card required.

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Cappi Capture



Cappi makes your life much easier so you can spend more time on the important things. Edit any picture with the Cappi Editor, record your webcam through motion detection, these are a few possibilities and there's so much more to explore...



Take a screenshot



You've never been able to take and edit a screenshot so easily, with cappi this becomes possible! The capture profiles are easy to use, one click and all the work is done for you.


The Preview button opens the Cappi Editor to watch and edit the picture.


take screenshots

Easy saving

Cappi Capture

Screen recorder



Record videos of your screen for simple how-to, video tutorials and more. Immediately play your recorded video with one of the media players.

In order to record sound, automatically a setup will ask to install after installing Cappi, if you do not install it, you can't record sound with Cappi.


With a smaller record area you get higher fps.

On 1080p you get 30fps, on 720p or smaller you get 50-60fps.

Easily play videos

Control with commands

Capture multiply screens at ones




Use the same options on the webcam as on the screen recorder. use motion detection to take photos whenever there's motion.




Motion Detection

Cappi Screen recorder
Cappi Webcam

Cappi Editor



Edit every photo with the cappi editor. Use various tools that each has its own unique features.


Cappi saves all the settings automatically



Use shapes

Change colors

Rotate picture

Add your own image

Cappi Editor