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Louis D'Hont

Founder & Developer
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Embarking on my software development journey at the age of 12, I am largely self-taught, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of coding principles at both low and high levels. Over the years, I've honed my skills in various programming languages, including Java, C#, Python, Arduino, PHP, JavaScript, and Angular, employing object-oriented programming techniques.

As a programmer, my approach is marked by a highly entrepreneurial spirit. I derive genuine satisfaction from tackling meaningful problems with a focus on simplicity and efficiency. I thrive on crafting lightweight solutions that not only address challenges but do so in an elegant and effective manner.

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Our Team

As the founder of Xevro, I have had the privilege of receiving guidance from my godfather, Marc Van Den Berge, an experienced electronic technician. His mentorship has been invaluable in enhancing my programming skills and expanding my knowledge over the years.

The motivation behind creating this website is to share my creations and extend a helping hand to individuals undertaking their own electronics and Arduino projects. Xevro serves as a platform to share insights, foster collaboration, and contribute to the vibrant community of electronics enthusiasts.

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Embedded coding

microcontroller programming and circuit design with Arduino

My journey into programming started with the Arduino IDE, marking the beginning of my project-building endeavors. It all began with a setback—an unsuccessful attempt at soldering an LED Cube controlled by a PIC IC. Undeterred by the initial challenge and a broken PIC, I delved into the realm of programmable boards, sparking a cascade of diverse and useful projects.

The allure of low-level coding is undeniable; the proximity to hardware allows for significant performance enhancements. I am particularly drawn to crafting libraries and engaging in Arduino projects, reveling in the intricacies of their design.

The transformative capabilities of an Arduino board never cease to inspire me. Recently, I expanded my toolkit with a NodeMCU board (ESP8266), opening the door to exciting experiments leveraging the built-in WiFi module and its expansive functionalities.

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8 years object oriented coding and creating user interfaces

With 9 years of experience, Java stands as my second programming language, primarily utilized for object-oriented programming in various projects, including the Arduino IO Simulator. A significant portion of my programs, along with their graphical interfaces (GUI), is crafted in Java.

Arduino Function generator


Learning basics and building electronic circuits

Empowered by a passion to comprehend and resolve electronic challenges autonomously, I embarked on a journey of self-directed learning in electronics and computer software from the age of 13. Through relentless research and hands-on experiments, I've cultivated a robust foundation in these domains.

In 2014, I achieved a milestone by creating a versatile function generator capable of producing sine, triangle, and square waves within a frequency range of 10Hz to 100kHz. The design for this function generator originated from the innovative work of Bart Venneker. Building on this accomplishment, I initiated the development of my own self-driving robot in 2015.

Arduino day 2018


Arduino day Vietnam 2018

Every year Arduino organizes worldwide events in cities where people come together, to join each other and make all kinds of cool creations with Arduino and electronics. On June 10, 2018, I talked about my experiences and creations with Arduino and electronics in Vietnam through a livestream.