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Louis D'Hont

Founder & Developer
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I have been developing software since 2012, I learned myself developing software with an understanding of the basic principles of programming at low and high-end level coding. I have experience with object-oriented programming in Java, c#, Arduino and web languages like PHP and Javascript.

I have a keen eye for the automation of processes, especially in the field of programming. Now I'm in my second year of computer science at Odisee college in Ghent.

As a programmer, I have a very enterprising attitude and enjoy to solve meaningful problems in a simplistic and lightweight approach.

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Our Team

I'm the founder of Xevro. My godfather (Marc Van Den Berge) is an electronic technician, he helps me to develop programs and taught me quite a lot over the years. The reason that I built this website is to share the world my creations and help people with their own electronics and Arduino projects.

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Embedded coding

microcontroller programming and circuit design with Arduino

The Arduino IDE programmer was the first programming language I used to build a project. It all started with a failed project, I soldered a LED Cube that uses a PIC IC to control the LEDs. After a lot of work, the PIC was broken so I searched for a programmable board. I then started building all kinds of projects that I found useful to use.

This low-level coding design excites me because you come very close to the hardware and can use significant performance improvements. I'm very interested in building libraries and working on Arduino projects.

I find it very inspiring what an Arduino board can do. Recently I bought a NodeMCU board (ESP8266) to do some cool experiments with the built-in WiFi module and functionality it provides.

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6 years object oriented coding and creating user interfaces

Java is my second programming language for object-oriented programming with 7 years of experience in my projects (Arduino IO Simulator...). Most of my programs are written in Java, as well as the graphics interface (GUI).

In the previous months, I have been working hard on our Arduino IO Simulator that has the ability to drag and drop the components into a field and draw notes around it. I will continue using Java for future development.

Arduino Function generator


Learning basics and building electronic circuits

I want to be able to understand and solve electronic problems that I have with my own knowledge of electronics and computer software. I have been learning electronics from my 13th on an independent basis through my own research and experiments.

In 2014 I created a function generator that is capable of generating sine, triangle, and square waves in a radius of 10Hz - 100kHz. This function generator is originally designed by Bart Venneker. In 2015 I started with building my own self-driving robot.

Arduino day 2018


Arduino day Vietnam 2018

Every year Arduino organizes worldwide events in cities where people come together, to join each other and make all kinds of cool creations with Arduino and electronics. On June 10, 2018, I talked about my experiences and creations with Arduino and electronics in Vietnam through a livestream.